Welcome to Karin Andréasson Jewellery

Karin’s pieces are delicate and timeless in nature.

Brought up in a rural part of south west Sweden, where creative, innovative outdoor play was common place, Karin’s minimalistic jewellery designs connects her childhood with her now urban London life, in designs with a strong geometric essence.

Being passionate about simplistic design, sensitivity and truth to materials, detail to execution and the end product, Karin Andréasson Jewellery is a direct response to the wasteful approach and consumption of mass produced goods that today’s society is so used to.

Her jewellery is the result of an accumulative exercise where her inspirations, coming from ’everywhere and anything’ around her, merge together and are born in her east London studio. Here you will find Karin sketching ideas, exploring materials, finalising and producing her pieces.

Hers is a unique and individual approach to a modern label born in a high tempo, fast developing and demanding society.